Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and a new whole 30! This post is meant to be a jump start guide into getting you going on the journey. My planning should help you to have an idea of what to eat, and what a typical day will look like. Make sure to adjust to your own likes and dislikes, but be open to trying new things. I have been amazed by the new foods I have discovered, and some old ones that I never knew I could love… hello roasted Brussels Sprouts!

I start every week with a trip to the grocery store on Sunday to buy the weeks food. Before I hit the market I spend some quality time with Pinterest ( I believe Pinterest is the greatest app in the history of ever). You can also check out instagram and various sites like Chow Stalker for meal ideas. Listed below are links to the recipes I will do for dinner Wed. – Sat. I like to make breakfast and lunch super simple and it is not unlikely that I eat leftovers for my lunches most days of the week. I also sometimes like to cook up an egg frittata or scramble and have breakfast ready to heat and eat, but most mornings it is simply fried eggs and berries with nuts, or a Chicken and Apple sausage link ( Aidelles has no sugar- HOORAY!) and an apple or banana with a squeeze pack of Justin’s Classic Almond butter. The key to success is to PIN and PLAN! Don’t let yourself get caught without something compliant to eat. Tomorrow I will post my “go-to” list of easy and compliant yummies!
Feel free to go check out my Whole 30 Board on pinterest I have the link for you below.

So, what’s on my plate this week? Take a look below…
BREAKFAST: 2-3 eggs fried in coconut oil with strawberries and blackberries with chopped pecans PG Tips hot black tea and water to drink
LUNCH:Applegate farms organic turkey burger with wholly guacamole pack, steamed cauliflower and roasted sweet potato
DINNER: Crock Pot Mexican meatballs ( recipe below) Cauliflower rice with cilantro

BREAKFAST: Chicken apple sausage, an apple with almond butter, PG Tips black tea
LUNCH: Leftover Mexican Meatballs and Cauliflower rice
Dinner: The BEST GRILLED CHICKEN EVER and grilled summer squash and red pepper and onion!!! Seriously! This is my husbands favorite meal he loves it, and says it is better than going to a restaurant! HEADS UP THIS REQUIRES A 2 HOUR BRINING IN THE FRIDGE BEFORE YOU GRILL IT!

BREAKFAST: 2-3 eggs with berries and pecans
LUNCH: Leftover Mexican Meatballs with broccoli slaw ( a bag of broccoli slaw I mix with homemade mayo recipe below)
DINNER: Pulled Pork and Broccoli slaw. I make my own mayo it sounds fancy, but it really is super easy so GO FOR IT! I love my crock pot! This is a new recipe, and I have no idea if it will make it into rotation or not… stay tuned!

BREAKFAST: Chicken apple sausage, apple and almond butter
LUNCH: leftover Pulled Pork and broccoli slaw
DINNER: Grilled chicken mushroom sausage and roasted broccoli with berries and canned coconut milk whipped to be creamy!

I will share my tips and tricks for creating a menu and share my grocery list for next week when I get it created!



I am embarking on my third whole 30, and I want you to come along! My first one was December 26, 2013- Jan. 28, 2014 and it was a smashing success. I am proud to say I made it through the whole 30 days, and I kept a lot of the good habits I learned on the journey. I just completed my second attempt, Sept. 1, 2014- Sept. 28, 2014 and I was not as successful because I stopped short and it ended up being more like a whole 28- darn date night! I decided on a whim today to announce to my cycle class that I was going to go for it again, and I want to share the process with anyone who is interested in coming on the journey with me. My plan is to document the process here and to share the results as well… Can you say accountability? I will post my menus, grocery lists and workouts. So, what is the WHOLE 30? Check it out here

Tomorrow I will share what I am going to be eating, and some of my tips and tricks for how to get this party started! READY! SET! LET’S SPARKLE!!!