I am embarking on my third whole 30, and I want you to come along! My first one was December 26, 2013- Jan. 28, 2014 and it was a smashing success. I am proud to say I made it through the whole 30 days, and I kept a lot of the good habits I learned on the journey. I just completed my second attempt, Sept. 1, 2014- Sept. 28, 2014 and I was not as successful because I stopped short and it ended up being more like a whole 28- darn date night! I decided on a whim today to announce to my cycle class that I was going to go for it again, and I want to share the process with anyone who is interested in coming on the journey with me. My plan is to document the process here and to share the results as well… Can you say accountability? I will post my menus, grocery lists and workouts. So, what is the WHOLE 30? Check it out here

Tomorrow I will share what I am going to be eating, and some of my tips and tricks for how to get this party started! READY! SET! LET’S SPARKLE!!!


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