DAY 1… But first let me take a SCALE-FIE

Say good-bye to your scale for the next 30 days, but before you do take a look and check in with your weight. You will not look at this scale for the next 30 days because it is just a number. I can honestly say that when I was checking my weight on the regular I would often slip into my bad binge habit. The scale would trigger my crazy eating when I had been busting my butt in the gym and starving myself and not seeing a proper number as a result, OR when I did see the happy number I would “treat” myself. This binge/treat cycle kept me on a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. It has taken me a long time to accept the number on the scale today. I am not happy or sad about it because in order to move forward with my feel good goals I have to accept that it just IS. I know, I should be singing kumbaya or something like that due to the zen like sentence I just wrote, but seriously it is time to be bold and just declare that IT IS WHAT IT IS a digital number. It does not define me, and the people who matter most to me, my husband and children, will not be affected if it goes up or down on a weekly basis. With all that being said, it IS important to at least have an idea about where you are with the number, as well as how your clothes fit, and how you look in the mirror in your skivvies. For all of you habitual scale checkers this 30 days is going to be hard… don’t be tempted! NO SCALE!!!
I took Day 1 photos, but I am not feeling bold enough to share those. I am feeling bold enough to share my Day 1 measurements below. I need to know that my progress is not just about the number on the scale, so I am arming myself with more proof that my body is changing. I hope that I will feel bold enough to share the photos in 30 days πŸ™‚

My measurements taken on Oct. 1 are…
I am a sassy 5’6 inches!
My weight is 159.6 pounds
I wear a size 10 in most clothes, but size 12 is loose and size 8 is a teeny tiny bit snug
My upper arms are 13 inches on left 13 1/4 inches on right
My inner thighs are 25 inches on both right and left
My chest is 34 1/4 inches
My belly button/waist is 34 1/2 inches
My hips are 42 inches
No idea on the Body Fat I will need to get a trainer at the gym to check it for me tomorrow.

My Workout today… ZUMBA!!!
What’s on my plate?
I posted yesterday the link to the recipes so go check out TOMORROW WE RIDE for the links.

BREAKFAST: 2 mini bananas with half a packet of almond butter, chicken apple sausage link, and canned coconut milk mixed into my PG Tips Tea ( 3 cups- GASP! )
LUNCH: Organic turkey burger patty with guacamole and steamed cauliflower
DINNER: Crock pot Mexican meatballs with cauliflower cilantro rice- YUMMO!


5 thoughts on “DAY 1… But first let me take a SCALE-FIE

  1. Wow! How brave are you! I am really looking forward to read all about your progress. I can’t commit right now for a couple of reasons. First, my sister is coming to visit from North Carolina and although it’s not a trip of pleasure I know we will be bad, bad, bad. She is actually coming because my Dad is having back surgery on Monday. And we will all be there for him in San Antonio. And not sure how long I will be out of town. I’m still going to try to make better choices as I follow along and learn from you. Best of luck to you on your journey. I know you will do really well. πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Turnipseed says:

    are these recipes all things that can be done in the whole30 period?

    • Jules Fultz says:

      Yes! I’m putting everything I eat for my whole 30 here! They will be compliant, and I will note any swaps I make to keep them compliant. For example, I use coconut aminos in place of soy sauce, or arrowroot flour instead of white flour. It really is tasty and easy to cook these recipes!

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