I had a fabulous Day 1! It was pretty darn liberating to put that Scale-fie out for public consumption. No more hiding, but it really isn’t hiding if you see me in spandex it is obvious where I am physically. Today I am excited to share some of my Go-To goodies so that when you are overwhelmed with what to eat ( you will be this process takes some getting used to) you have some easy CONVENIENT foods to choose from.
I always have eggs on hand, and I LOVE EGGS! Poached, fried, scrambled or hard-boiled eggs are an easy inexpensive protein that when in a pinch are a cinch to add some veggie and fat for a compliant meal.
Another go to for me is sausage, it takes a bit of searching to find compliant sausage, but lucky you I have done the leg work you can enjoy the spoils of my searches.

1. Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage is a lifesaver for any meal of the day- I love it for breakfast
2. Bilinski’s Organic Chicken sasuage also delicious. I have tried both the mushroom and the Italian herb and my taste buds agree they are yummo!
You can find both of these sausages in the organic section at H-E-B.

Frozen food is your friend!!!
It is super convenient for those days when you just ran out of fresh veggies or you don’t have a protein on hand. My go to in the freezer section don’t exactly rock my culinary socks off, but they are quick and they get the job done.

1. Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Burgers
2. Frozen shrimp- You can buy the cooked or raw peeled and deveined it depends on what you prefer. I am not a fan of the peeling deveining, but I do like to get them raw so I can throw them in a skillet and add spice that I am in the mood for. Can you say Curried shrimp? YUMMO!
3. Frozen veggies any type you like will work for a quick steam in the microwave I always have broccoli and cauliflower.

Who has time to slice and dice all day? Not me, but sometimes I buy the veggies in their non chopped up form and do a food prep on Sunday. Typically I am too lazy for that so I buy the pre-packaged steam in the bag fresh veggies.

1. pre-cut, pre-washed veggies you can steam in the bag
2. Pre-washed greens like kale and spinach chop them up and crumble some fat on top and then add that protein- Donezo!

FAT GLORIOUS FAT!!! I am actually singing that phrase out loud! I LOVE ME SOME FAT! This in my opinion is the one and only reason I could give up sugar and grains. I have never been sated before… EVER… Seriously! I used to do the 6 meal a day carb, protein balance thingy, but I was still H-U-N-G-R-Y! So what are some quick fats? I am glad you asked!

1. Guacamole… I either buy the fresh in store version from H-E-B, but I really love the snack pack Wholly Guacamole packs that I got at sprouts. I could eat Guac on anything, eggs, meat, by itself with a spoon… anything!
2. NUTS! I love a handful of chopped pecans thrown on fruit. I love a handful of almonds at the end of my meal. I am telling you even nuts will begin to taste sweet once you wean yourself off of the sugar.
3. Coconut shreds are a sweet little secret fat treat! I like to put them on top of my berries, but when I am really feeling desperate for a little sweetness I have been known to just eat a handful of shreds they are YUMMO!

I hope this post helps you to see that it doesn’t have to mean long hours slaving away in the kitchen. You really can find things to nourish your body quick and easy!

My Workout:
Zumba and Cycle ( I know it is a lot of cardio, but when teaching cycle I don’t go all out so it isn’t as crazy as it appears)

My Plate:
Breakfast: 2 eggs fried and 2 mini bananas with almond butter
Lunch: Leftover meatballs and roasted green beans
Dinner: Best Grilled Chicken Ever and grilled veggies



  1. Michelle Turnipseed says:

    Thanks! Was looking at these today! Do u know of any provoked chicken that doesn’t have additives?

  2. Jules Fultz says:

    I think you meant packaged chicken and no, I haven’t looked into that. I would check Applegate Farms my frozen Turkey burgers are compliant, so it’s possible they might have chicken.
    You will be both shocked and mad when you start paying attention to all of the crap that ends up in food we all consider healthy.

  3. I have Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage just about every morning for breakfast. So I am def going to look for the Chicken Apple sausage. Do you know if they make a turkey sausage? Thanks for all the suggestions!

  4. I hope I like it too. I am such a creature of habit. Always have the same breakfast, snacks, and meals. I really need to change things up a bit.

  5. Michelle Turnipseed says:

    I suppose the chicken has definitely been provoked if it’s dead. Lol. yes, packaged.

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