So, after a busy day 4 I sat down with my computer to make a menu and a grocery list. This process is not exactly fun, however it is necessary you MUST plan for your success or you will end up hungry and craving and find yourself sitting on the kitchen floor with a box of Cheez-it crackers and Little Debbie snack cakes!
Step 1: Ask family if they have any requests (my husband asks for Best Grilled Chicken Ever every week)

Step 2: PINTEREST LIKE A BOSS! I also follow some great whole 30ers on Instagram ( check out and follow wholesisters and whole 30 recipes)

Step 3: Make a menu. I always use Microsoft One Note because I can access it from my computer and it syncs to my phone and my tablet. I like to be able to tweak my list or add ideas for the next week on the fly. If I see something on Pinterest I can just add it to my one note notebook, and it is there for me when I am ready to plan for the grocery trip ahead.

Step 4: Make a grocery list. Again, I use my Microsoft One Note app for this. Since it syncs to my phone I have it there at the grocery store and delete the items as I go. I am a creature of habit and every Sunday I go to the same grocery store with my husband and our little guy. I make my list according to the way we cruise the aisles. If you know your grocery store like this it will keep you on a mission and less tempted and end up on the junk aisle. The best news ever is after your first 15 days or so you won’t even crave or think about the good old junk in the junk aisle. I do end up on the junk aisles because I have to feed my kids. They eat the meals I prepare, but I do feed them grains, and I am sad to admit too much sugar.

Here is my menu for the week ahead! The links to the dinner recipes are included below and I have also included my grocery list so you can see how I plan for the big shopping excursion.
Mon.- eggs and berries with coconut shreds and pecans
Tues.- chicken sausage and berries with coconut shreds and pecans
Wed.- eggs and banana with almond butter
Thurs.- chicken sausage with banana and almond butter
Fri.- eggs and berries with coconut shreds and nuts
Sat.-chicken sausage and apple and almond butter
Sun.- eggs and an apple and banana mix with coconut milk for fat

Sun. pulled pork and broccoli slaw
Mon. – pulled pork and broccoli slaw
Tues- Turkey burger
Wed.- Ragu with spaghetti squash
Thurs. – ragu with spaghetti squash
Fri. – ragu with green beans
Sat. ragu with green beans

Dinner- All of the links are included, but check out my pinterest whole 30 board if you want other ideas.
Sun.-balsamic grilled chicken& grilled eggplant
Mon. – almond and lemon crusted fish with asparagus and rice for family
Tues.- chicken sausage ragu and spaghetti squash
Wed. – best grilled chicken ever- broccoli
Thurs. – stir fry peppercorn beef – broccoli
Fri. – burgers on the grill with guacamole and grilled veggie kabobs red onion bell pepper and squash
Sat. – dinner out! I can find compliant meals most places, just order a steak or chicken and green veggies and a side of guacamole if they offer it on the menu. You can also do a steak and sweet potato with green veggies. Also salad with just olive oil and vinegar for dressing works too! REMEMBER It Is only 30 days you can manage dinner out without breaking your commitment to yourself of having 30 days to eat real food!

This list isn’t every item in the recipes above it is just what I need, so take a peek in your pantry and figure out what you need organize your list and get to it!
Coconut aminos
Plastic forks
Juice boxes
8 ounce can bamboo shoots
X snack and lunch items for school
Fine herbs
Chili powder
Extra virgin olive oil
Extra light olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
2 14.5 oz cans of fire roasted tomatoes
Can of tomato paste
Spicy Turkey sausage
ground beef
1.5lbs top sirloin beef filet
Chicken breast (2)
Cod fish
Pineapple slices
Red onion
3 carrots
Red and green bell pepper
Fresh dill
Green beans
Frozen rolls

TODAY IS MY REST DAY! NO workout planned, but I will be working in my yard. Being active everyday helps keep the sugar cravings away!


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