Sooooo, you will get bonus points if you know what movie the title of this post references, but in all seriousness do you have the munchies at night? I know that is my trigger time. I am not hungry physically, but after dinner I like to cuddle up on the couch in my fuzzy socks and watch T.V. I also love to nibble on delicious treats while watching trashy reality shows. Since beginning this journey I have had to break my habit of sugar snacking after dinner. In the beginning of your Whole 30 you will feel like you are hungrier than the hungry hungry hippo, but that will pass. It truly has become a mental thing for me, and I know I am not actually hungry, but rather craving that snuggle up with some sugar feel good vibe that comes with my TV time. I am through the hardest days,and I discovered that stopping my carbohydrate and fruit consumption at lunch time and sticking just to fat, and green veggie, and protein at dinner has helped A LOT!!! I won’t keep you waiting I will share with you my tips and tricks for breaking the late night munchies habit.

Tea Time! I posted in the photo the 2 teas that I love to drink when those munchies hit. They are filling and tasty so grab that mug and get to sippin, pinky in the air optional, but encouraged 😉

Rub a Dub Dub go get in the tub! Bath time is sacred in my world. I would sell my designer clothes for LUSH bath products if I was desperate for cash! Check out LUSH products here
BUT… don’t feel like you have to spend that kind of dough on a bath (IT IS WORTH IT) but just a nice hot soak will get your mind off of those munchies.

Kombucha Tea something different to try! I like the strawberry serenity flavor and I drank 1 bottle a night in my first whole 30 because it gave me a little buzz in the belly it is fermented and takes some getting used to, but there are benefits to this tonic if you believe the hype. I just liked that it was a flavored drink that was compliant.

HIT THE SACK NOT THE SNACK! Sometimes I just remove myself from my trigger spot… my kids refer to it as the housewife corner, but I call it paradise. My little chair where I prop my feet up and watch T.V. can be a serious trigger spot, so I relocate! I go climb into my bed early and either watch T.V. in bed, or read, or Pinterest ( careful with the pins search for clothes or crafts or fitness so you aren’t tempted by all of the treats that pop up). Either way, once you are snug as a bug in a rug you are less likely to drag your booty to the pantry and wreak havoc on those non compliant foods.

If all else fails grab a handful of coconut shreds for that sweet crunch if you just can’t handle it!

Day 8: IT WAS GREAT! I wore a shirt that I haven’t fit into comfortably in about 2 years- WHOOOO to tha HOOOOO!!! This round of Whole 30 has been A LOT easier for me since I started again after a Day 28 slip up, so I am not feeling the hangover right now that I felt when I started in Sept.
My Workout: Zumba class
My Plate: Bfast: 3 eggs, 3 strips sugar free bacon,1 mini banana, and coffee with canned coconut milk
Lunch: Leftover Ragu with roasted broccoli
Dinner: Best Chicken ever with roasted veggies

DAY 9: Off to a good start!
My Workout: Zumba and cycle class… seems like a lot of cardio, but when I am coaching cycle I am not able to work at the intensity that my participants are so it isn’t a crazy work load.
My Plate:
Breakfast: Chicken apple sausage and 2 mini bananas with 1/2 packet of Justin’s Almond Butter
Before eating lunch ( while writing this post and watching re-runs of Real Housewives of Atlanta) I enjoyed some cinnamon spiced coffee with canned coconut milk which will act as my fat at lunch. I think I got a bit hungry yesterday so I am trying this out, and it feels like a treat!
Lunch: Leftover Ragu with spaghetti squash
Dinner: Peppercorn Beef Stir Fry and leftover roasted veggies- NEW RECIPE ALERT! I have no idea if it will be tasty, but you never know until you try 😉

Have you guessed the movie yet???? Hit me up if you need the answer 🙂 Keep Sparkling Y’all!!!


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