As days 12 and 13 ramble on I find myself felling great, and seeing results. I know my body is changing, and that is where the trouble starts. Every person I know has a stash of skinny clothes in the closet. Those tiny jeans hiding in the back of the closet kept in case of a hot body emergency! Well my friends I am here to tell you… STEP AWAY FROM THE SKINNY JEANS. The first hint of feeling great and feeling lighter will motivate you to work hard in the kitchen and in the gym, but the quickest way to de-rail those feel good vibes is to dig out those skinny jeans too soon. I am pleased to say I am fitting nicely into jeans that were too tight 13 days ago, but I made the fatal error of digging out the holy grail in my denim collection just to “see” if they were closer to fitting. Let me just say they are 2 sizes smaller than the pair I have gotten into that 13 days ago didn’t fit, but somehow I thought magically that maybe just maybe they would fit. I did get them buttoned, but there was no muffin top… there was a 12 layer cake popping over that waist band 😉
I had to remind myself that I am on a journey and 13 days in won’t give me magic results, but that 13 days from now I will feel even better than I do today. The danger in the skinny jeans is that the mind can trick you into thinking that it isn’t working, or that is isn’t worth it, or to just eat that twinkie because it just won’t matter. It does matter. Every choice you make toward wellness matters whether you will ever fit into those skinny jeans again. Feeling good, eating to be sated, being off of the mood roller coaster is all worth it! SO STEP AWAY FROM THE SKINNY JEANS PEOPLE!!!

Day 12: NO WORKOUT- rest is required
My Plate: Not very exciting food today, but it was compliant and that’s what counts
2 scrambled eggs, banana with almond butter, and coffee with coconut milk
turkey burger patty with bacon balsamic shaved brussel sprouts berries and pecans
Grilled shrimp with salad of artichoke hearts, olives, and cucumber and lettuce with olive oil as dressing

Day 13:
MY WORKOUT: cycle class- new playlist was awesome!
chicken apple sausage with berries and coffee with coconut milk
turkey burger patty with shaved brussel sprouts and coffee with coconut milk
buffalo chicken with homemade ranch dressing and roasted green beans


2 thoughts on “DAY 12&13: STEP AWAY FROM THE SKINNY JEANS!!!

  1. Laura says:

    Awesome post on keeping it real! Realistic expectations means so much more than crazy pie-in-the-sky aspirations. One foot in front of the other to a healthy life!

  2. Hilarious! And SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!

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