I go cruising the grocery aisles and find so called healthy products on the shelf that are full of added sugars and fillers. It is so frustrating to see that the food we consume is loaded with junk that simply isn’t needed. On this Whole 30 journey I have had to go on the hunt for foods without sugar and at times I have to go to specialty grocery stores to find these items… why does fish sauce have to have sugar in it? Red Boat is the only brand that I have located that isn’t full of junk by the way!
Ok, RANT OVER onto my re-cap of days 16-19! I HAVE 10 DAYS TO GO!
I am more in touch with my with my true hunger/craving feelings and while I have thought lately of random food like cheese and crackers, or bite size snicker bars, or pumpkin spice latte it has been a fleeting thought.
Yesterday I spent 7am-2pm at a fitness expo where I either participated or taught in 3 hours worth of classes. I was very proud of myself for packing up my own food and sticking to it, although this event had a lot of healthy choices-most do not. I was not tempted once to go and grab a mini bag of M&Ms ( yes fitness events are usually full of junk food we workout to eat people) OR to go to a restaurant and pig out on chips and queso. I had planned to make an easy dinner for my family and that is what I did I came home and made the best chicken ever and it was DEEEE-LISH! I am writing about this because this is literally the very first time in my fitness career that I didn’t use food as a reward! THIS IS HUGE! In the past I would feel hungry in that phony way- that mental way, ” girl you just worked out like crazy you deserve it and you are starving” that was the loop in my head. So my lesson learned is that in fact I live in the suburbs with access to plenty of food, and that I am in fact, not starving after a day of fitness, fun, and fellowship with my fitness friends.
I am looking forward to trying out a new recipe this week, and preparing my family’s favorites, and those lingering silly conversations had at the dinner table. SPARKLE ON Y’ALL!
Mon.- eggs and berries with coconut shreds and pecans
Tues.- chicken sausage and berries with coconut shreds and pecans
Wed.- eggs, bacon and banana with almond butter
Thurs.- chicken sausage with banana and almond butter
Fri.- eggs, bacon and berries with coconut shreds and nuts
Sat.-chicken sausage with apple and almond butter
Sun.- eggs and bacon with coffee and canned coconut milk

Sun. – turkey burger patty with leftover grilled veggies and guacamole
Mon. – turkey burger patty with asparagus and guacamole
Tues.- Turkey burger patty with roasted cauliflower and guacamole
Wed.- Leftover pulled pork with roasted green beans
Thurs. – leftover pulled pork with roasted broccoli
Friday – left over pulled pork with roasted broccoli
Sat. – Turkey burger with cauliflower rice and nuts

Sun.- Lemon Almond fish- with asparagus

Mon. – balsamic chicken with roasted cauliflower

Tues. Pulled pork with roasted green beans

Wed. – Best Grilled Chicken ever- with roasted green beans

Thurs. – Creole chicken and cauliflower rice

Friday – dinner out
Sat. – Grilled Sausage and grilled veggies skewers
I buy garlic beef sausage that has no sugar 🙂


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