To track or not to track… that is the question! When wearing my Jawbone UP24 Band I always feel like somebody’s watching me (YES! I am singing that old song as I type this) but in a good way! I love being able to see how I am sleeping, and I am a bit competitive when it comes to hitting my 10,000 steps a day goal. Let me be clear… I AM NOT A PAID ENDORSER, but I am a big fan of my UP band. I have used other trackers before, but this one is my favorite. I entered in all of my food for my Sept. WHOLE 28, but I wasn’t technically counting calories. Being able to SEE how I am FEELING is treat for me, so I thought I would share how much I love my UP Band in case you too are looking to have somebody watch you!
In case you are wondering I did look and see the calorie content of my tracked meals in Sept. they ranged 1300-1900 calories a day.
Day 22:
My Workout: ZUMBA
My Plate:
chicken apple sausage and an apple coffee with canned coconut milk
Leftover pulled pork and beasty sauce with steamed cauliflower and broccoli
Creole Chicken and steamed broccoli- SUBSTITUTED Paprika for the Saffron in the recipe

DAY 23:
My Workout: Zumba and Cycle class
My Plate:
Chicken apple sausage and grapes with strawberries and blackberries and almonds
Leftover Pulled pork and beasty sauce with roasted green beans
Best Chicken Ever with roasted green beans


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