I have had a pretty easy Whole 30 so far, but as the end draws near I am seriously craving sugar? WHY???!!! WHY???!!!! WHY???!!! I think the main reason is mental, but I am wondering if it could also be that I am not eating enough carbs. There is a ton of Halloween candy in my orbit, so it is possible that my brain is wanting to light up like a Christmas Tree ( check out the documentary Fed Up to see how the brain reacts to sugar… it is crazy) when I see that sweet candy, but tonight it is a challenge for me to sip my cinnamon tea and not tear apart some miniature chocolate bars.
Just when you think you have it all figured out and you are on track to your fittest most well self you remember… it really is all about the food! I know that one mini bar wouldn’t kill me, but I also know that 1 mini bar would turn into 22. I am being true to my Whole 30 and that is my willpower. I am fearful of reverting back to my binge sugar eating and hopeful to find balance when this process is complete.
I just wanted to put this post out there to you all because this whole 30 truly is a journey, so we all have to be ready for the ups and downs even when we think we have it licked… speaking of licked.. ice cream… yum yum yum!
I HAVE 4 DAYS TO GO! Stay tuned for how I will use my Whole 30 knowledge to eat for wellness. I plan to avoid sugar and grains, but I will have some choice/treat meals in my future.


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