Today is the last day of my Whole 30 Journey! I have learned a lot about my very unhealthy relationship with food. I have been focused and disciplined with every bite and that has me very nervous for Day 31 which is Halloween and there will be some chocolate in my meal plan 😉 I know that I am forever changed because of the way I feel without sugar and grain, so it is my plan to be a paleo eater and to avoid sugar most of the time, but allowing a treat on an actual special occasion. I think the biggest surprise for me in this process has been the way my mind plays tricks on me with regard to food cravings. I have thought about food more than I have actually WANTED it. With a pantry full of chocolate and very easy access I have not chosen to give in and eat any, and yet I have THOUGHT about it. Before my Whole 30 I would have single handedly eaten a bag of bite size snickers if they were in the house, so that my friends is a big victory. I feel great and I am excited to get on the scale, snap some pics, and do my measurements tomorrow.

Day 29:
My Workout: Zumba
My Plate:
apple and packet of almond butter ( I felt queasy all day so this was all I wanted)
Best Grilled Chicken Ever with grilled cauliflower

Day 30:
My Workout: Zumba
My Plate:
2 eggs 2 strips of bacon a banana and a packet of almond butter with green tea
spaghetti squash with chicken sausage ragu
Tarragon Chicken


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