I am always on the hunt for a new way to enjoy my veggies. I used to travel when I worked full time, and I was obsessed with a broccoli salad at the whole foods deli counter. Today I tried a recipe from Well Fed 2 which is a collection of recipes from Clothes Make The Girl blogger Melissa Joulwan. It rocked my world y’all! I have included the link here, but be warned they say that if you are hungry you should test that out by asking the question, am I hungry enough for broccoli? Well my answer would be heck yeah if it is broccoli salad! I think I could over eat this salad easily, so be warned of the delicious factor. It is true that over eating habits follow you whether or not you are eating clean and healthy food or stuffing your face with funyons.


My Workout today was Zumba and it was rockin!

My plate:
2 eggs and 1/2 a sweet potato hashbrowns with coconut milk and coffee
turkey burger with broccoli salad
cashew chicken and green beans


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