Every time I go to the nail salon I am told that I have beautiful nail beds. If I am being honest I am not exactly sure what a nail bed is, or what makes mine long and beautiful, BUT who doesn’t love being told they have something… anything beautiful? Imagine if we focused on all of the beautiful parts of us instead of focusing on the flaws we stare at in the mirror or in photos everyday? How much time do we waste criticizing ourselves for physical flaws? How many tags do we remove on Facebook because we do not look the way we want? How many times do we hide behind our kids/friends in photos because we don’t want our size to show? How many times do we repeat to ourselves this phrase… ” I am fat” ? Guess what? WE ARE NOT FAT! We have fat, but we also have fingernails, and that does not make us fingernails. However, in my case since I have been told I have great fingernails I am choosing to be fingernails y’all not fat! I am fighting a battle of no negative talk. I feel so good on the inside that I am hopeful to change the old, tired, negative dialog in my head. How will I undo the decades of self loathing and chatter in my head telling me how I am not awesome? I have a plan! See my step by step  below, and join me on this journey of feeling good from the inside out no matter what size your body is!

1. GRATITUDE! Wake up and meet everyday with gratitude! First thing I will do when I wake up is say thank you for three things. Example: Thank you for my health. Thank you for my Family. Thank you for Coffee 🙂 It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be gratitude. I promise that when you are grateful for all of the little things around you that you will notice more and more of them and that will keep you focused on the good!

2. MOVE MY BODY! Everyday I will move my body. It can be a walk, yoga, dancing, cycling, or BODYPUMP. Movement is necessary to keep the blues away, and we all know blues lead to negativity and that leads us to that never ending negative chatter.

3. EAT REAL FOOD! I am staying away from processed foods and drinks ( hello splenda I am talking to you) I am also focusing on avoiding sugar and grain. I plan to eat a protein, fat, and fruit/ vegetables at every meal. I know that when I nourish my body with clean fuel that my mood improves ( side effect: the fingernails get stronger and the fat gets blasted)

4. FOCUS ON PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! I will take each day as it comes and I will be grateful for the small choices that I make on the path to living my happier, healthier life. EVERYNIGHT I will say thank you for three more things that happened in my day.

5. I WILL NOT USE THE WORD FAT UNLESS IT IS IN REFERENCE TO MY FOOD! I will be focused on how I feel and not how I look! I AM FINGERNAILS NOT FAT!

Keep sparkling y’all! I hope you join me on changing the chatter in your head!


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