I have gained 5 pounds in 2 months. It isn’t much to think about really it is only like 2.5 pounds a month, but wait that could add up to 30 pounds in a year- YIKES! That is how I got here…  A little bit at a time. A little more food a little less moving, and a lot less metabolism as I rounded the corner to 40 that is FOR SURE! However, It isn’t all about the number on the scale. Remember… I took measurements and pictures too. I also have the tried and true skinny jean AKA hot body emergency jeans. You know the jeans that you keep tucked away in the closet because one day you will need them in the event of a hot body emergency where you simply have nothing to wear except those jeans in the back of the closet! You move them, you long to wear them, you curse them… mine are 10 years old and far too expensive to part with 😉 I try them on from time to time, and today I tried them on and took pictures so I will have photographic proof of my success! Will I ever be able to comfortably wear those jeans? Who knows and who cares if those hot body jeans will ever be my comfy go to jeans again, but I know that at the end of this I hope that I feel too good to care! I know one thing for sure…my scale is not the end all be all. There are many measures of success.  I present to you exhibit A… My measurements!

OCT 1: Left arm 13 inches- OCT 31:  12 inches DEC 28: 12.5 inches

OCT 1: Right arm 13 1/4 inches- OCT 31: 12 inches- DEC 28: 12.5 inches

OCT 1: Left upper thigh 25 inches OCT 31-  23.5inches DEC. 28: 23.5 inches

OCT 1: Left quad 20 inches -OCT 31:  19 inches-  DEC 28. 20 inches

OCT 1: Right upper thigh: 25 inches OCT 31: – 23.5 inches – DEC 28: 23.5 inches

OCT 1: Right quad: 20 3/4 inches- OCT 31: 19.5 inches – DEC 28: 20 inches

OCT 1: Chest 34 1/2 inches- OCT 31:  32 3/4 inches-  DEC 28:32 3/4 inches

OCT 1: Belly button 34 3/4- OCT 31:  33 inches -DEC. 28: 32 1/2 inches

OCT 1: Hip 42 inches-  OCT 31: 40 inches – DEC. 28 40 inches

Notice how little has changed? I was a bit surprised, but actually come to think of it my jeans are still comfortable and my shirts are not too tight in the muffin top region.  This no scale thing is pretty liberating! DO NOT GET ON THE SCALE FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR WHOLE 30-100!!!

Instead focus on the non- scale victories like your rings not being too tight, or being able to lift more weight, or do more push-ups. Focus on how amazing it feels to wake up rested and not be in pain when you step out of the bed! I have to work hard to not focus on the number on the scale, but in this journey I am committed to being content with where I am in the numbers and to focus on how I feel in the journey!


PS. I will share my transformation photos  in an upcoming post…  I can’t believe the pictures!



  1. Okay so Target had everything I was missing on my shopping list.

    I just finished breakfast which was an egg scramble with onion and bell pepper, Aidell’s Chicken apple sausage (aka scrumpadilicious), coffee with the dreaded coconut milk. And I must say right now I feel very satisfied. The sausage is the bomb! And you were right about the coffee. I did a regular brew instead of my normal strong brew but still needs to be kicked back a bit. And the coconut milk, although not my usually sweet pumpkin pie spice, is doable. Anything is doable for 30 days!

    Still need to do my measurements today and replace my vitamins but I am well on my way to a good whole30.

    Thanks for all the info Jules! 🙂

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